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DIY: Fashion-Need-Board

DIY PROJECT: I've decided to design & build a 'Fashion-Need-Board', where I`ll put those items I need to buy within the next months. So every months I want to remove the items I bought & put on some new.
So I have a Look about, what I need, and what I want to wear. Because sometimes I am really good in forgetting what I wanted within a months.
I am going to show you how to build one & it's quite simple.

You need: 
old pinboard, pins, white colour, hangers and if you like a bit of decoration like mesh wire to make it look rough

Step 1: Colour your board white (or what colour you prefer)
In my case white & silver

Step 2: Now you need some pins, a hanger & mash wire if you want to.
Your going to wrap the board with the wire and fix the hanger behind.

Step 3: Place it somewhere you like and pin on your fashion needs for this month.
I've made a version without the wire too,
but can't decide which one I should use.

What do you think?


  1. Both are cool!
    Nice DIY post.


  2. Erinnert mich irgendwie gerade an: "Maschendrahtzaun in the morning..."

    Also irgenwie würde eine mit Stoff bezogene Pinnwand oder Styropor-Platte sicher etwas schicker aussehen als so ein Stück... ähm Maschendrahtzaun :D

  3. Hey, Lena :D
    Mag aber grad das rustikale, was der Hasendraht vermittelt. Steh momentan total drauf, wollte eben nicht etwas mit toff bespannen, fand ich zu perfekt. Weiß Nicht, im Endeffekt kam das dabei raus :)

  4. Der Autor hat einen viel Mühe, um es so aussehen, und es wurde speziell geschrieben.