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Jeans & White.

WHITE. I'm kinda obsessed with white - and I guess everybody knows it.
atm I just want to wear white or jeans and combine them with something special.
In this case my DIY Leo Bow-Tie.
& to surprise some of you - I am thinking of redying my hair again - thinking of white ?!
Yes. I am loving turquoise, but not that long periode of time. It's 3 months ago since I dyed them turqouise.
I will use the next day(s) to work on some new DIY-ideas - nothing special, 
but I am kinda in a make-it-happen-mood. So stay tuned I'll post them asap for you.
It's a strange feeling, because when I am on holidays my creativity is floating again and I don't know where starting to work, BUT I could bet, when I am sitting in university in 2 weeks again, there is nothing left. 
haha. I get used to it after a time.

 White Shirt & Jeans Vest - H&M | Leo Bow Tie - DIY


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  1. cool, endlich mal wieder ein männlicher blogger!! :)

    da wir zusammenhalten sollten hab ich dich mal verfolgt ;)