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long-awaited: new-in.

FINALLY. Times passing by so fast people say.
 I say, when you are waiting for some new clothes to arrive times passing by even slower. 
In the middle of march I saved a bit of money for spending it on 
some new tees. 
Finally TODAY they arrived - they're from VirginBlak & I do not want to take them off anymore.
Scrolling down you will see some pictures of my DIY harnesses. 
For so long I wanted to have some, so I decided to make my own out of stuff I see around me. hope you like them as much as I do.
Outfitpost will come soon.

Stay tuned for some outfitposts.
wishing you all just a great & lovely weekend.
XX Julez


  1. Thank you for you kind words on my blog!

    Love that space t-shirt, amazing!

  2. Das Galaxyshirt! *___* Und das letzte Harness, der Hammer!

  3. Mega geile shirts !!

    klar folge ich dir ;)

    lg nico

  4. Richtig geiler Blog und schöne Shirts! :)
    Ich folge dir nun, du mich auch?!

    Dennis xx