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calligraphy II.

SCRIPT. My second calligraphy project is done. More grey - more silver - more black and more white - very typical me as a designer.
I am feeling so comfortable with my result. 
I've worked on my design-mark a bit and pushed myself onto new levels.
Now I  am giving you the possibility of having a view on my work.

Sebastian 23, a german poetry-slamer chipped in the quotes I used.
They're coming from his two books called:
'Ein Kopf verpflichtet uns zu nichts'
'Schwerkraft & Leichtsinn'

another note: days are counted until we'll take off to berlin or MBFWB SS 2012/13 more invitations are flying into my mailacc. 
And I am getting more and more excited. Now just cross your finger that my orders will arrive in time. 

 XX Julez