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Pretty Lies | Ugly Truth

DARK. Finally a new outfitpost. This time I want to do something different, 
first of all I always wanted to do some black'n'white pictures, but haven't the right clothes for it, 
or I wasn't in the right mood - or it doesn't fit my idea.
BUT today the look and the mood was perfect - so here are the pictures of today's look. Wearing the first time my DIY SnakePrintCape. 

Cape - DIY | Pants - Zara | Shirt - H&M | Collar Jewellery - DIY | Jewellery & Shoes - Topman

How do you like them?
Oh just haven't mentioned: Stay TUNED
Tomorrow I am going to have a photoshooting
Going to be pictured by a photographer who worked for VOGUE!
Damn! That's so fucking great!

See you all.
XX Julez


  1. die letzten beiden Bilder sind die besten <3

  2. The collar.... SO RAD! I want something similar lol

  3. Ich bin grad mal so richtig fasziniert von deinem Style! Gefällt mir unglaublich gut!

    1. awww :3 danke dir :) kannst mir gerne folgen, für mehr :) xxxx