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Beauty in Simplicity.

Finally. Term No. 1 is as good as done. After working my ass off the last nights for several projects, which I am going to show you in a while - it's done. After getting to know different and new people, learning, experimenting, illustrating, developing and designing a lot and forgetting even more - we are one step closer.
Now it's time for some ideas to take on shapes. Hopefully there will be a little time during my two weeks off,  for designing and creating my ideas.
There was a lot of input during this term, but there is one thing, which is quite sure for me.
I am a minimalistic designer.
Every try of creating something colourful or bright wasn't that good.
So, here we go. Minimize your Design to what it truely needs. 
Live White.

This was just a try of picture fashion differently.
Every shot is taken by myself.
See Beauty in Simplicity.
xx Julez

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