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Creative Uterus...

... is vomiting something new. 
Within the next week I'll become a brutal murderer of myself - in an artistic way. 
I am going to kill RAVENFOREST. My uterus is hatching. 
Spending so much time on creating and working on my fictional label MONO 
- just scroll down to get informed - I decided to give birth to it. 
This blog will change itself into MONO within the next weeks.
I am hella excited about the change and the new look & layout. 
Hopefully I can fulfill my own expectations about this change. 
But let's have a look @ whats up today.
The post man rings and my new roommate has arrived. James - my tailor dummy.
He is dressed in my favorite pieces atm.
Have a look for urself.

Grey, Burgundy & Blue Shirt - MTWTFSS WEEKDAY
TEE & Tank - SALE @ BOYS BOYS BOYS - Patrick Mohr & Silent

Bad news travels fast: BOYS BOYS BOYS is closing his doors in Hamburg.
You will find those great fashion pieces online from now on - HERE
Just the best for the CEO & FOUNDER Yves Hanke.

xx Julez

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