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II Days after...

'' I am hungry from an anorexic heart'' - Lady GaGa - Princess Die.

Two days ago Lady GaGa came up with her massive BORN THIS WAY BALL TOUR in Hannover. 
Slowly I am back in reality after she kidnapped our minds 
and captured them within her big castle.The show was more than just mind-blowing. 
She is pushing everything onto new levels in pop music.
The Message of the BORN THIS WAY BALL is to love yourself just as you are.
Be yourself and love what you do. One days there will be someone who believes in you.
GaGa is much more than just an artistic pop singer - she fights for us - 
fights for our equality in society.
During her two and a half hour show I started feeling more and more free. 
But now it's two days after my mind got GaGa-napped. 
Suddenly everything seems more grey than before.  The glitter of the night is blown away.
But here I am - got GaGas words in my head - ready to be who I am.
Put your paws up and fight for what you believe in, 
even if you are the only one.
It's your freedom to do so.

© Julian Behrenbeck

XX Julez

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