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We all are SO_POPULAR. XX

Hi our dear readers,

time has obviously been passing since we visited the BerlinFashionWeek, but nonetheless we didn't make it to tell you the whole story yet.
There is one special label from Berlin I personally want to show you, because I simply love their stuff. 
It's called SOPOPULAR.
The look can somehow be described as a mixture of modesty and modernity, combining in their S/S 2012 collection a variety of shades of blue and grey and various sand-coloured fabrics.
In the same way the cuts swing between classic (shirts and jackets) and more spacy (tees and coats).

Sand-coloured jacket and trousers & graphic print tee.

Wonderful light blue shirt, high waist trousers & really cool grey high-top sneakers.

Graphic tee with chino & the grey high-top sneakers.

An extraordinary coat plus simple grey tee, dark blue chino & fascinating blue boots.

 So we had the great honor to visit them at this year's SEEK exhibition (they moved there from the PREMIUM, where we found them last season – which (by the way) has been a wise decision in my opinion) and to get a little sneak preview to what we can expect from these fabulous fashion makers in A/W 2012/13.

My favorite: The turquoise marbled shirt. 

My absolute favorite: The leather and grey marbled coat. I fell in love with it! <3

My favorites: The grey plain & marbled long sleeves.

So we impatiently are looking forward to the things that will come up next.
You'll find much more of the latest great stuff directly on their homepage.
Because there's no online-shop yet, you can additionally find the stockists here (e.g. Stoffsüchtig in Hamburg).
Hope you liked it as much as I do – see you soon again.



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