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Guest-Blog: Fashion Magazines.

Hi dear followers,

it is obviously needless to tell YOU, that we completely live in the age of online-media.
But although we have all these blogs, social networks & fashion sites — in my opinion sometimes it's quite nice to consult one of those "old-fashioned" fashion MAGAZINES.
Today I want to introduce a small selection of some of my favorite ones to you:

First of all: the international (original) classic.
I've got a subscription to the American VOGUE, because the quality of the German one is... let's describe it kindly with capricious.
Of course there is just very few fashion for men inside, but nonetheless I really like most of the interviews and articles about art.
Upshot: + innovative even though traditional
— too many advertisements (?)

Second: the international classics for men.
These two are the internationally most prestigious Men's Fashion Magazines. The German editions are mostly very well mixed in the presented styles and often come up with interesting shootings and articles about the next season trends (not only belonging to fashion).
Upshot: + manifold styles, not only for the grown-up persons
— heavy weight (?), only twice a year

View inside Another Man Magazine

View inside Seventh Man Magazine
Third: the international rebels.
Apart from the established magazines with their mass circulation, there are some more independent magazines, that every stylish man ought to know. Another Man Magazine and Seventh Man Magazine are just two of those fabulous magazines, that come from England, especially of course London as the fashion capital.

 Upshot: + great individual and uncommon styles in extraordinary shootings
— if you have to buy in Germany: don't forget your credit card (it might be cheaper to book a flight over)

View inside
Forth (and therefore last, but not least): the German rebels.
We all know, that fashion and its industry in Germany are a tough sledding. But consequently those magazines that make it don't have to shun their international counterparts.
I have to admit that at first sight I bought HYPE Magazine because of its name in bold print. On the other hand the last issue of went into my bookshelf because of the crazy shooting by one of my favorite bands Bonaparte (as seen on the Cover) feat. The Rio Girls (as seen on the view inside).
 Upshot: + encouraging German fashion industry & fashion freaks
— just odds and ends. Keep doin', folks!
And see you soon back here again! 


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