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Wasted You†h. 2011.

One year ago, we were summing up the ups and downs of 2010, the good things that had accure and the bad and uncomfortble things which came in our lives - but we survived and started in 2011.
So to don’t break with this strange tradition, we gonna nearly have to summ up the actions and feelings of 2011.
2011 started not that far away in London this year, standing in front of Big Ben with thousand of people watching the London Night Sky be burned.
But after hundreds of Topman visits, every holiday have come to an end. Just landed home, myself was turning nineteen. Not a special age, kinda like seventeen, just the age between sixteen, ready for partying and eighteen - ready to stand for everything in your life. So this is nineteen. Just between. Of being full-aged and exiting the Teenager time.
Nothing special at all.

So time was wasted and school gets seriously.
Finishing my A-Levels was the next big station this year.
After studying a lot and battering my head and brain with stuff, I truly had forgot at the end of the year, I was stumbling through my examinations.

So time was wasted again, and there was time for another change.
School is done - so let’s pack bags and move out from your warm and safe familiar nest.
Lübeck was my home for round about 4 month of this year.
Moving to Lübeck was not that speciale, I’ve been there for the last year nearly 5 times a week, so it had started out to become more easy.
So time was wasted in Lübeck with working ( in fact my first real job besides taking newspapers around in my hometown), partying, shopping, swimming, jogging, and of course having a lovely time with my boy. 
Spening the late spring time with some travels to Rostock for visiting the zoo or some horseraces

But you know how the time flies and summer has already started, so time for some holidays again.
Backing bags for Berlin. It was Fashion Week & Premium in July.
We had a great time by toddling around between lots of tons of Fashion and new Trends for 2012.
Against all intensions of loosing weight, we spend day per day buying some Dunkin’Donuts for breakfast and some FrozenYogurt for Dinner, and in the night,, we had some Beer somewhere in Berlins Night Time.

So time was wasted by chasing Fashion Trends for 2012, we have to come back to the plans for the rest of 2011.
Finding a flat in Hamburg wasn’t that easy as we thought.
But here we go, in September we moved into an small, but beautiful flat in Hamburgs North.
Not even unwraped all of the boxes, the maybe best part of the year was close to start: we’re going back where the roots of the year lay burried. Back to England, for loveley and idyllic Cambridge and London.
It has become a one of my best holidays so far, because of the fantastic landscape and magical Feeling of Cambridge, which is very close to what you know from Harry Potter, and aswell the time spening in London again. I can’t get enough of this Lifestyle & City. It’s The (He)Art.
Coming back to Germany has one big change in common - study needs to start.
In october the 4th, I was entering the ‘kunstschule wandsbek’ for studying communicationsdesigns.
After all the fears I had to face and some fast growing-up experiences I feel kinda comfortable and kinda cut back for several reasons.
It’s just Design. I have the Feeling my sense for Fashion and my skills in writing, texting, acting and entertaining are not that important anymore. I have to censore myself.

So time was wasted designing and drawing pictures and posters.
Year has come to an end faster than I had realized.
And the year ends with the unromantic decemer so far.
No christmas mood. No pensive spirit. No white snow covers tue depressive landscpae autumn has presented us. December feels  like dark, depressive and sad october this year.

But nevertheless the year has come to an end.
So here I am, nearly at the end of a year full of changes.
But all in all a year full of time wasting.
One more in my
Wasted Youth.

(1) New Year's Eve @ Big Ben (2) J & I on New Year's Eve (3) Touring trough London City by Underground  (4) Spending the Spring very easy (5) Outfit on my Examination (6) Having a Drink in Spring (7) Berlin Fashion Week (8) Shooting in Berlin (9) Breakfast @ Dunkin'Donuts 
(10) Outfit from Grandpa's Birthday (11) 'Bad Kids' Shooting (12) 'Antlers' Shooting 
(13) London Underground (14) Alexander McQueen Store London (15) London Eye @ Night 
(16) Above the roofs of Rostock (17) Rostock Zoo (18) Spending Summer Days in Lübeck 
(19) 'DragQueen' Shooting (20) Hamburg Schanze (21) New Closet in new Flat 
(22) 'Wir machen Kunst' (23) Ink Work by Myself (24) Designwork by Myself 
(25) Leaves are falling down (26) Me in November (27) World gets depressive 
(28) Fotographywork by Myself (29) Style Changing (30) December Evening Heaven 
(31) Starbucks Coffee (32) Our Chalkboard  'Love' (33) Ikea Glögg in December

That was 2011.
xx Julez

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