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DIY: Leo-Jeans-Jacket.

Just a few days ago, J came up with the idea of sewing some 
Leo-fabrics onto a Jeans-Jacket.
Kinda Punk Look.
I just fell in love with the idea from the very first time.
So - I decided to work this out.
>> DIY Project: Leo-Jeans-Jacket. <<

How to do it?!
You need:

Leo Fabrics - bought @ Karstadt

Old Jeans Jacket - H&M

And some Sewing Stuff.

 Then cut out some pieces of the fabrics 
you want to sew on your jacket.
Fold the fabric once at the side you want to sew onto the jacket.
Then start sewing along the fabric.

I decided to have the leoprint onto the back of the jacket
and in the front onto one pocket on the left.
Here are some pictures of my finished jacket:

Hope you like the result.
Stay creative.
xx Julez

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  1. Very creative and so cool. Love it!!!